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Premium Plastic Mini Appetizer & Dessert - 96 Pieces

Entertain your guest in style!

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Size: 96 Pieces

Pack: 1 Pack

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  • At Decorfest we have all the premier party and event supplies. From plastic punch bowls to dessert plates and platters. Do you need something that looks nice but want to dispose of it because you don’t need it forever? You need it for your party, we definitely have it.

    DECORFEST – Our Appetizer and Dessert entertaining set is perfect for any occasion whether you’re entertaining for a dinner, for the holidays or an event. Our sets will keep it organized and elegant.

    QUALITY – The Entertaining set is designed with high quality materials.

    ALL-PURPOSE – Use with ice cream, pudding, fruit, small desserts, nuts, cheese, you name it!


    96 Piece Pack – 32 Mini Plates. 16 Mini Bowls. 32 Forks. 16 Tasting Spoons.

    192 Piece Pack - 64 Mini Plates. 32 Mini Bowls. 64 Forks. 32 Tasting Spoons.

  • DIMENSIONS – Bowls 1 ¼”W x 1 ¼”L x 1 ¼”H. Plates 2 ½”W x 2 ½”L x ½”H. Forks and Spoons 4”L.