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Why We Exist

Written by Unified Districts


Posted on December 16 2020

Los Angeles

About twelve years ago, our company launched the wholesale party and event trade in Los Angeles.  During that time, we were the city’s little secret for event planners in the know.  Over time, we were asked a thousand times, “Do you sell to the public?” At the time, we did not.  Our founder dreamed of one day having a cash and carry in the city of Los Angeles where the public could have access to professional products but was too busy running his existing wholesale business to make any progress toward that dream.  It pained him to see that young entrepreneurs (especially women in the Los Angeles community) were struggling to start small businesses to support their families but could not get access to the wholesale products they wanted.  The dream was always there, but the execution would have to wait.  

Fast forward to the spring of 2020 and the pandemic landing in the heart of Los Angeles.  The city was shut down, retail stores were closed, and people were feeling isolated and separated from loved ones. We quickly realized that families still needed to celebrate their milestones, probably even more so in a pandemic.  All that was available were Big Box stores with limited assortments and the prices that went with them.  It started us thinking about how we could continue to serve the community in a new way. The dream of that cash and carry morphed into  

The dream got bigger and more ambitious the more we thought about what we wanted to bring to the public.  We wanted to give them all the incredible event décor items we were known for in Los Angeles.  But we also wanted to expand our offering to include things they would find in a classic party supply.  We began trend forecasting with some of our favorite event and craft influencers, looking toward the future and what we thought they might want to see in 2021.  Then we began sourcing with our diverse list of factories and partners.   

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The work continues.  We are looking every day for new and exciting items.  The pandemic slowed some of our progress toward launching with thousands of new items.  It is why you will find something new on our site every week in 2021 (call us on it if you don’t find it weekly).  Literally, we have something new coming in every week during the first half of 2021, and we are already sourcing for holiday 2021.  Whether you are searching for balloons, wedding favors, table linens, chairs, or unique religious goods, we hope you’ll find it here. And if you don’t, our promise to you is that we want to hear from you.  Email us.  Call us.  Tell us you couldn’t find what you needed on our site.  And we will listen.  

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Thanks for being here.  We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to crafting your family celebrations.  We hope you will invite our products into your lives and share the results on social media.  From our family to yours, welcome to