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Time to Get Crafty

Written by Samantha Owen


Posted on March 03 2023

During the cooler months, you often spend more time inside. One advantage of staying inside is setting aside time to your hobbies! There are a variety of hobbies but one of the most rewarding is crafts. When it comes to crafting there are so many options but regardless you are using your creativity to make something for yourself or others!
If you are a beginner when it comes to arts and crafts, no need to worry! We have organized some ideas for your next creative session. Sometimes it is less expensive to DIY your home decorations, taking time to create your own decorations is not only fun but much more rewarding! 
Home Decor for Beginners:  Plant Vases 
Every room could use a touch of life and there is no better way to do that than with a plant or flower vase! Take advantage of the cooler months to spend time crafting your own vases instead of purchasing the overpriced ones at the store or online. Creating your own floral arrangements can be soothing and gives you the opportunity to personalize your home decorations to your liking! 


What you’ll need:


Decorative Burlap Ribbon Roll or Decorative Burlap and Lace Ribbon Roll

Mason Jars with Lid - Set of 4

Plant of Your Choice

Artificial Frosted Eucalyptus Spray

Artificial Gypsophila Bunch

Faux Dahila Stem

Now that you have everything, it’s time to start organizing your vases. First, you will want to take the Burlap Ribbon of your choice and measure it to fit around the Mason Jar. To ensure it will stay, you can add some super glue or hot glue to the Burlap Ribbon! Next, you’ll take the Burlap Ribbon and wrap it around the Mason Jar. Once you have done that, finish it off with a bow! For the last step, you are going to add the plant of your choice and the best part is that they will last forever and there is no water required! These DIY plant vases look great around the home and will add a touch of life in any room!