This Summer Host a Backyard Pool Party That Everyone Will Love

Written by Samantha Owen


Posted on May 23 2023

Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a pool party? Hosting a backyard pool party is a great way to enjoy the sunshine, spend time with friends and family, and cool off in the water. We are here to provide you with some tips and ideas for hosting the perfect backyard pool party this summer! 
The best part about a backyard pool party is that it takes minimal preparation and can be organized a week in advance. Consider weekends or afternoons to give your guests enough time to relax and enjoy the party. For other parties, sending out formal invitations is the best way to notify your friends and family but for a pool party just send a simple text message or email! 
Once you have figured out how many guests are coming to your party, you can begin with preparations (if you haven’t already). Consider a poolside bar with cold drinks, snacks, and fresh fruit. Our Golden Tray Set is a great way to display your snacks and fresh fruit. For beverages, use our Galvanized Metal Tub to ice down cold drinks or you can use the  Mason Jar set paired with a couple of our Mason Jar Beverage Dispensers
All that’s left is to enjoy the sunshine, splashes, and all your preparations! This summer will be filled with memorable times spent with your family and friends. Taking the time to plan out special events like a backyard pool party will ensure you make the most out of your summer! Let’s get started today.