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The Sweetest Buffet

Written by Kim Dunn


Posted on February 09 2022

Build a candy buffet for any occasion with Events and Crafts! For birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations from large to small we offer a wide range of products to make your event extra-sweet no matter what you’re celebrating. Our decor does more than make your celebration sweet, it makes it beautiful. From glass candy jars to plastic candy containers, you can find everything you need for your holiday, special event, and celebratory candy bars.

Own Your Candy Arrangement

Make a big impression with an Apothecary Jar Set that stands tall with your brightly colored candies. They are tall, easy to fill with any type of hard or soft candy, and a stunning addition to a candy table, able to be arranged and placed on any surface big or small. A lower-lying piece, like our Scalloped Party Container, looks great between the Apothecary Jars and is perfect for holding cookies, brownies, and other baked treats. Play around with the arrangement and find what works for you!

Set It Up Right

While you’re building out the perfect candy table, you’ll want to give a variety of options to your attendees and those options might need a unique display. Make sure to include a Glass Tilt Bowl to make it easy for your guests to pick up smaller candies like M&M’s, Skittles, or Reese’s Pieces. To add height and layers for treats that can’t be jarred, bring a Three Layer Treat Stand to the table and stock it with mini-cupcakes, tarts, and pastries.

Pair Candy and Conversation

Make sure your party-goers aren’t stuck at your beautiful candy display and let them enjoy your celebration with friends and family. Paper Popcorn Boxes are a festive and fun addition to your table with striped walk-around containers they can fill with their favorite treats. And who says your attendees need to eat all of that candy at once? With Cellophane Treat Bags, guests can take their treats on the road and will save you time by letting them build their own party favors!

Make It a Showstopper

Even with all of the items we offer to make your candy buffet stand out, you can make it a showstopper! Focus guests’ attention on your beautiful display by setting it against a Metallic Backdrop Curtain available in over a dozen colors to match your party perfectly. In front of that shimmering-sweet backdrop, set your candy table apart with a dedicated Bakery Cart that can be set up anywhere to give your candy buffet that special nostalgic flare of childhood sweets.

With Events and Crafts, you’ll have a candy buffet that will impress, no matter the theme of your party! With jars, trays, stands, and accent pieces, your treats table will be the bell of the (gum)ball. Get shopping today and show off your skills at your next event.