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Tablescaping 101

Written by Lisa Jones


Posted on November 30 2022

What makes your table more than just ‘set’? If you’re having an event, you’ll want your table to say PARTY!  Tablescaping is easy when you do a little planning or find a theme you to follow.



Is your party or dinner formal or informal? Start with the setting. You can do anything from a bar cart to a fancy dining table and everything in between. Once you have your foundation you’re ready for the next layer.

You can then move onto tablecloths, linens-fabrics, runners, placemats or charger plates. There is a wide array of materials, sizes and shapes so you’re sure to find the perfect base for the next step.


Glasses range from wine glasses to mason jars with handles for a more relaxed vibe. Silverware can be your grandma’s ‘just for holidays’ silverware or plasticware that looks just like grandmas. Don’t forget your napkins that can range from paper to linen. 



Finally you need a great centerpiece to tie it all together. You can go simple by cutting flowers from your own yard or faux flowers that you can reuse for many occasions to come. Or step it up with an elegant candle holder



This is by no means all of what tablescaping means. It can be as elaborate or simple as you want. You can add name cards, chair covers and party favors or whatever strikes your fancy. Tablescapes are only as limited as your imagination and budget. Let your inner designer take over for a unique and beautiful table.