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Stars, Stripes, and Fun! How to Throw an Epic Memorial Day Bash

Written by Kaitlyn Rigling


Posted on May 20 2024

Memorial Day is practically synonymous with barbecues, friend and family gatherings, and outdoor fun! If you’re hosting this year, make sure your Memorial Day party is a hit with thoughtful touches that take it to the next level.

Lay the foundation with plenty of tables. You need spaces for food, drinks, and eating, so don’t be shy. But don’t settle for a plain picnic or card tables either. To tie into the patriotic theme, add a festive touch to each table with a red, white, or blue table cover.

If you want to add some extra patriotic flair with a simple but fun centerpiece, fill some small floral cubes or clear jars with water and dye 1/3 with red food coloring and 1/3 with blue food coloring. Add some wildflowers, and voila! You’ve got a chic centerpiece all your guests will be talking about!

Of course, a day spent in the sun calls for plenty of cold drinks! You can’t go wrong with a large mason jar dispenser for a tasty punch or lemonade. It’s an easy way to set it out in bulk and protect it from bugs. For individual drinks, opt for a galvanized beverage tub filled with ice. It’s a timeless method for keeping drinks cold but within easy reach.

But what about decorations? We’ve got ideas there, too!

Don’t be shy with miniature flags on the tables, in the ice tub, or on the lawn. Of course, this is also the perfect opportunity to hang patriotic garlands or paper fans wherever they fit! We also love how festive red, white, and blue paper lanterns look strung up in the trees. If you expect your party to go past dark, add battery-operated tea lights to add some glow!

Last but not least, don’t forget some classic games! Keep your guests occupied with timeless outdoor competitions like horseshoes, ring toss, bocce, croquet, or social pong. It’s an easy way to keep the fun going for hours.

And there you have it! With just a few intentional choices, you’ll have a Memorial Day Bash your guests will still be talking about next spring!