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Spring Wedding Tablescapes

Written by Samantha Owen


Posted on April 26 2023

Spring is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year for weddings, the seasonal renewal creates beautiful backdrops and weather. Spring is often warmer than Fall and Winter but cooler than Summer. Spring is filled with blooming flowers, greenery, and bright colors to make the wedding backdrop stand out!
The scenery, flowers, and fresh food make all the difference to a wedding, that is why Spring is one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. Whether you are planning a wedding or selecting some final touches, we have exactly what you need!
Tablescapes are one of the most important elements to a wedding, the perfect tablescape can create a euphoric feeling for you and all your guests. There are so many styles and variations to choose from to match your wedding theme! We have put together a guide to the perfect tablescape, sometimes it’s the small details that count. 
The perfect lighting can change the mood and feel of a tablescape, that’s why it’s important to consider your options. We have a variety of lanterns, candles, candlesticks, and so much more! We have put together a list of a few items that can set a romantic mood and bring your tablescape to life.
In addition to the lighting you’re going to want some unique pieces that elevate your tablescape and tie together the whole setup. There are a variety of different items that you can add to your tablescape to make your special day extra unique. We have also included a list of items you may want to consider. 
Table Pieces: