Spring Refresh

Written by Kim Dunn


Posted on March 28 2023

Winter is nearly over and thank goodness. The days are shorter, the evenings are darker, and the days are much more grey. However, Spring is the time of the year where everything begins to bloom, the days get longer, and evenings appear to be brighter! There is no better time of the year than Spring to give your home the refreshing clean it so desperately needs. Or if you’d rather work with what you have and add a few modern touches to your home to change things up for the new season! Either way, it’s always nice to think about changing things around within your home. 
If you are looking to splurge on some modern decorations that will draw people's attention from across the room, our Metal Cylinder Pedestals Display would be perfect. They will bring a modern touch to your home and freshen up one of your rooms that hasn’t been updated in a while! 


Maybe you want to bring a taste of the coast, and tropical vibes to your  home or backyard. Our Giant Faux Palm Tree is one option that will bring the feel of the tropics and for those of you who are tired of winter, this is a great way to add warmth to your home decor.
If you are looking to spend less on new decorations but still want to switch up the look of your home, you can purchase smaller items that will give your home a slightly new look without emptying your wallet. Our Metal Lantern Set is great either indoors or outdoors depending on your preference! They look great when filled with candles or just left as is. They aren’t a big ticket item but will add to the appearance of your home and help to change the look of your space.
Spring is the best time of year for new beginnings and new hobbies. During your Spring cleaning you may discover you want to take up a new hobby before Summer, painting or drawing maybe? If so you might want to consider creating a space in your home for the hobby. We have a Metal Easel with beautiful scrollwork that would look great in any room within your home. 
No matter your aesthetic, just a few new touches can revive your space without spending a lot of money.  Happy Spring!