Snack Bar At Home

Written by Samantha Owen


Posted on February 24 2023

This one is bringing back all the exciting childhood memories…do you remember walking into a party or event as a child and seeing a candy bar? As a younger kid, you felt a rush of serotonin knowing there was a candy bar and you could choose anything you wanted. As adults, we all still have a sweet tooth and there is nothing worse than not having any of the treats you are craving on hand. However, if you were to have your own candy bar then every time you need something sweet you’ll have access to all your favorites within your own home! While you could have a section of your pantry dedicated to your favorite snacks or sweet treats…having your own snack bar at home is SO much more fun. 



What You’ll Need:

To start your very own snack bar, you’ll need to create a space or set aside some space on your countertops. If you want to define the space a little more you can add the table runner beneath the jars. Then you’ll need to channel your inner child and set up a variety of jars! Once you have found the perfect layout then you’ll need to decide which snacks you’d like to fill the different jars with. Embrace your inner child and fill the jars with chocolates, chips, candy, or other types of sweets.
A popular snack you should consider putting in your jars is Love & Lemons Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies, the perfect balance of healthy AND delicious. Or if you are craving chocolate this Love & Lemons Easy Brownies are the PERFECT addition to your snack bar!
Once you have finished, enjoy your snacks and we are certain your friends will too!