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Setting the Perfect Dinner Table

Written by Unified Districts


Posted on December 16 2020

We are known as a good source for all thing’s tabletop in the Los Angeles area.  From our charger plates to our table linens, we have something for everyone.  If you are throwing your first party with a formal table, the thought of where to begin could be a little overwhelming.  I can tell you, the first time I had to host a formal Thanksgiving dinner, I nearly had a panic attack just thinking about which napkins to use.  Trust me when I tell you, it does not have to be that nerve inducing.  Whether you are having an intimate dinner for four, or a banquet for twenty we can help you cover the basics pretty easily.   

  1. What table will you use?  The table will determine the amount of room you have for your guests and place settings.  I like intimate dinners, but I have also had to host my share of large events.  If you are starting with a simple dinner table, you will be fine.  Just make sure your centerpieces and table settings do not overwhelm the space.  Your number one concern should be the comfort of your guests.  A beautiful table without room to move will make your guests want to finish the meal quickly and not linger.  The reason for the dinner in the first place is to gather and spend time with friends and family.   

  2. What linens will you use?  Whether you are choosing a classic linen tablecloth in white (you can never go wrong with this one) or layering a burlap runner over a vintage eyelet trimmed table linen – this will set the mood for your entire table.  Whatever you choose as a foundation linen should be considered as you choose the rest of your décor.  

  3. What will your centerpiece be?  I have been to lots of weddings where I cannot see across the table because the bride wanted a giant centerpiece that blocked the view (this is always a no go in our decorating handbook).  We love a simple smilax or eucalyptus runner down the center of a rectangular table with votive candles nestled in it.  Seriously simple and budget friendly.  But you also have the option of choosing from any one of our dozens of candelabra and centerpieces.  Another option is a single glass lantern (mid-sized, not too large) in the center surrounded by greenery or cut flowers.  Light a candle and you have something simple, and beautiful. 

  4. Charger plate or no charger plate?  Our answer is ALWAYS a charger plate.  It is the one thing that really tells you this is a special occasion.  And it is the easiest way to reinforce your theme at the table.  It does not have to be an expensive addition.  We sell both plastic and glass charger plates from 11.5 inches to 14 inches in diameter.  Whether you want something classic or something embellished for a wow moment, we have got you covered.  

  5. How to set the table for a fancy dinner?  If you are anything like us, we were clueless. We like this link to Martha Stewart’s early tutorials about how to set a table.  She even has diagrams to make it simple. That Martha can be a lifesaver for things like this. 

  6. What about glasses?  Keep is simple.  Unless you are hosting a wine tasting dinner, you can get by with a wine glass and a water glass.  Bring out the coffee cups and saucers with dessert.  No need to place them on your table until then.  

  7. Silverware?  Yes.  But do not worry.  A salad fork, dinner fork, spoon (soup spoons are only needed if you are serving soup) and a butter knife really can be all you need.  

  8. A good napkin is a luxury.  It is another way to know you are at an event and not just a dinner in your house.  Here is a great and easy link to folding napkins.  It does not have to be anxiety inducing.  There are a few really simple ways to look like a table setting pro when you fold a napkin. And bonus, you can get regular polyester napkins or satin napkins right here on our site. 

  9.  Finally, the food.  As much as we all want to pretend to love a seven-course meal, we all just really want to eat and enjoy the company.  The food matters about as much as the wonderful people you are spending the evening with.  Provide something filling that won’t break your bank or make you have a panic attack in preparing it.   

  10. Sit down and enjoy your guests.  Do not flit back and forth from the table trying to make everything perfect.  You’ll make your guests nervous and you won’t enjoy the evening.  They are there to spend time with you, they are not there to watch you slave away on a meal you don’t get to enjoy.  Trust us on this one.  


And finally, we would LOVE to see your tabletop creations.  Please tag us with #eventsandcrafts in your social media photos.  Show us what you create with our products so that we can feature you on our site in the coming months.  We cannot wait to see what you do!