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Romantic Date Night at Home

Written by Samantha Owen


Posted on February 10 2023

It can be stressful planning the perfect date for Valentine’s Day, the expectations are sometimes high and there can be pressure to elevate your typical date night. However, when put simply Valentine’s Day is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the love you share. When it comes to doing that there are endless possibilities but the most important part is spending quality time together. That being said, Valentine’s Day can be special in the comfort of your own home and that is a surprise in itself.



We are here to help you plan the perfect date night at home and we have a few things that will truly elevate your evening! It’s time to set the table, first you will need a White Table Cover to elevate your usual spot and transform it into a romantic setting. Next and most importantly, the flowers. While roses are the typical Valentine’s Day flower, we have a beautiful surprise. Our Artificial Red Tulip Spray will make a beautiful centerpiece for your dinner. Our Rustic Flower Vase will compliment your flowers and elevate their presentation! 
Next up, we have lighting. This is one of the most important elements and we suggest soft lighting to set the mood. First up we have our LED Floating White Rose Candles that will set a romantic tone and look beautiful on the table. If you are looking to take it a step further, we suggest our Flameless White Lantern to add to the rustic theme. It is simple, yet elegant and will transform your table. Placemats are used on special occasions, perfect for Valentine’s Day which happens once a year! Our Braided Rattan Placemat is a great finishing touch to your tablescape and is guaranteed to impress your significant other.
Lastly, we have some additional decorations to bring a fun element to your evening. We are taking it back to our younger years when the simple things were the most exciting…bring on the balloons! The final touches to your decorations can be Red Balloons to represent the celebration aspect of Valentine’s Day!