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Raise Your Spirits with a Festive Fireplace

Written by Kaitlyn Rigling


Posted on November 28 2023

Nothing says “the holidays are here” quite like cozying up to your decorated fireplace with a warm beverage. Bonus points if you actually know how to roast chestnuts on that open fire!

But if you’re looking to dress up your fireplace scene with more than just stockings, here are some classy ways to add a festive touch.

A bare hearth is no fun, so work from the bottom up. We love how beautiful wishing tree branches look in tall vases on either side of the fireplace. Plus, they can add a fun element to your holiday traditions if you want to hang your wishes and dreams in notes or symbolic items on the branches.

Add another dimension to the height and light of your fireplace with hammered lanterns on the hearth. They’ll bring an extra glow to the scene and reflect the firelight beautifully!

Silver Hammered Lantern 3 sizes

Finally, a large basket with blankets is always a welcome addition for those who like to snuggle up by the fire.

Now, take advantage of whatever space you have on your mantle.

We love a classic look with a thick, evergreen garland weaving through gold votive candles. But you could add a lantern or two as a statement piece or switch the garland out for colorful tinsel.

If you want to keep your mantle simple, another fun alternative is filling clear apothecary jars with pinecones, small ornaments, or lights! These look particularly festive with small candles, and the lack of a garland lets you showcase any special stocking hangers.

The options are endless! But the key is to make it your own until it’s a scene you want to come home to every night! Happy holidays!

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