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Make Your Table Social Media Worthy

Written by Lisa Jones


Posted on January 30 2023

You’ve heard that it’s all about the presentation, and we agree. Whether you’re hosting a shower or a holiday party, first impressions matter. Start with a table cover to complement your theme. We have tablecloths, runners, overlays and skirts in a myriad of colors, fabrics and styles to suit any event.



Display stands on your table will put your cuisine in the limelight. Our metallic disposable treat stands are the beautiful and economical way to highlight cupcakes. The Lacey Handle Treat Stand makes an elegant presentation for any baked good. Our Ferris Wheel Treat Stand and Cupcake Carousel bring whimsy to the party. Putting your cake on one of our specialty stands or risers puts your confection in the spotlight. 



Our ornate serving trays look expensive but are made from plastic so they are lightweight and easy to clean. Put candles on its mirrored base for reflections of warm light to add some sparkle to your table. Use our super versatile wood slices for anything from charcuterie trays to custom signs. 


Make it easy with our plastic cutlery sets that only look expensive. Add our charger plates, tableware, napkins and cups to round out your perfect table. Don’t tell your guests that it was super easy and affordable to create the masterpiece. Just take in the compliments.