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Let the Ghoul Times Roll

Written by Lisa Jones


Posted on September 28 2023

We’ve been waiting for Halloween to arrive! So let’s not let the kids have all the fun. Why not plan an adult Halloween party? You’re likely already decorating your home for trick-or-treaters so you’re halfway there! Start with a date and time. Many will be out with their kids on Halloween so the weekend before is perfect. Send out invitations early. We love these invites because you can add some eyes peeking through the gate of the card to highlight the theme. 

Halloween party people celebrating

Halloween is dress up time so encourage your guests to wear a costume. Using a backdrop and curtain shows everyone where to go for the perfect picture. 

Serve food and drinks that are the focal point for your party. One idea to get the party started is our Shot Glass Dispenser which makes quick work of pouring six shots at once. Put some spooky cupcakes on the table with our Wire Frame Cupcake Holder making it easy to access your scary delicious cupcakes.

Wire Frame Cupcake holder with cupcakes


Everyone is there to check out the costumes and dance. Our waterproof LED lights with remote casts just the right shadow around the dance floor to get everyone moving. Have your spooky playlist ready and let the ghoul times roll!