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Fresh & Fancy Spring Bouquets

Written by Kaitlyn Rigling


Posted on March 12 2024

Wedding receptions, parties, home refreshes—no matter what spring event you’ve got coming up, floral arrangements are in order! And good news: we’ve got the perfect bouquets to spruce up your space for the season! Follow this quick guide to create beautiful spring floral arrangements that look great on any table!

Start with the base: your vase! If you’re planning an event, matching vases are always a good choice, so we recommend buying them as a set. Unless you’re going for a particular look, you can’t go wrong with a curvy glass vase with elegant lines. It’s a universally appealing style that allows you to customize the flowers and fillers. 

Next, decide whether you want anything in the bottom of your base. Acrylic gems can add some extra sparkle or a pop of color to your vase, while pebbles add a more natural look. These fillers can also add some stability to your arrangement, keep the flowers from shifting, and hide the ends of your stems. 

Now it’s time to pick your flowers! Choosing flowers that match your color scheme is always in style. But if you’re looking for something that oozes spring charm, we recommend calla lilies and tulips with a touch of eucalyptus. It’s a timeless trio for the season.

Finally, add a finishing touch to your spring bouquet with some decorative burlap. We love that you can style this in multiple ways to suit your preferences! Here are some ideas. 

  1. Tie the burlap around the vase in a bow. 
  2. Wind it tightly around your flower stems like a ribbon.
  3. Bundle your flowers in a burlap square and tie them off with twine. (Don’t use fillers if you choose this option.)

Ta-da! Your gorgeous spring bouquets are ready to bring some extra sunshine into your space.

Pink Floral Arrangement Wrapped in Burlap