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DIY Fall Crafts for a Festive Home

Written by Kim Dunn


Posted on October 25 2023

October is the perfect time to break out your DIY skills and put together some rustic chic decorations for your home! We particularly love utilizing materials that are versatile enough to be reused year after year or remade into something new!

Wooden crates are an Autumn essential and have many fantastic uses. They can replace less seasonal baskets for fall-time storage around your home. Or, you can fill them with fall items like miniature pumpkins, pinecones, or fall leaves for easy decorations.

3 Sizes of Wooden crates

Mesh ribbon is another versatile item that brings effortless festivity to your space! Use it to create a fluffy fall wreath, wrap it around your front porch columns, or add pops of color to vases and baskets around your home.

Spool of white mesh ribbon

Finally, pinecones are the perfect filler for vases, bowls, and even cookie jars! You can even use large pinecones to fill empty space on a shelf or table. Add some metallic paint or glitter for an extra-special seasonal touch to make them pop along with your other fall décor.

Pinecones with lights

For a super-easy fall DIY, combine all three!

  1.     Spray paint your pine cones (our favorite is gold).
  2.     Tie big bows to the front or side of your crates.
  3.     Fill your crates with the painted pinecones.
  4.     Enjoy!