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DIY Elegant Brunch with Edible 360

Written by Angel Guerra


Posted on April 14 2021

One of the best parts of our jobs here at Events and Crafts is working with friends and pros across Los Angeles. We recently filmed a DIY brunch video for Youtube with our friends Sol and Chef Luis of Edible 360.  We chose them because they do some of the most beautiful catering work we’ve ever seen.  Chef Luis has legendary fruit carving skills. We are going to link the YouTube video here for you along with a couple of recipes. 

On the day of filming, Sol started by showing us how to decorate an easy DIY brunch space for friends and family  We agreed that just because events are smaller these days, doesn’t mean they should be any less elegant or that you should take any less care in the preparation.  During the set up, she mentioned that she and Chef Luis often use the crates on as risers for their buffet set ups.  These risers help to elevate portions of your buffet to create both visual interest and easy reach to items in the back of the buffet.  There’s nothing worse than having to reach across a buffet to serve yourself and have to worry about draping a sleeve in food or dropping something.  Creating height with our crates will help prevent that. We have several to choose from. You can find them here:

Next Sol showed us how easy it is to combine equal parts of orange juice and champagne with berries (to taste) for easy Mimosas. Using our plastic champagne flutes keeps clean up simple.  You can find them here:

We moved on to carving a watermelon in Chef Luis easy style. They showed us how to take the leftover pieces of watermelon rind to make “leaves” to decorate your buffet and plating.  A genius idea we never would have thought of.  Stay tuned for a future video with Chef Luis where we talk him into teaching us all about fruit carving! 

Chef Luis and Sol showed us how to grill veggies like a pro.  And finally, Chef Luis walked us through the prep of an amazingly delicious Chilaquile recipe.  We can’t share Chef Luis secret recipe, but we found one that is pretty darn close on the Simply Recipes site.  You can find it here:

We plated everything on EventsandCrafts products. A few of which can be found here:


To watch the video, head over to Youtube through this link:

To learn more about Chef Luis and Sol, you can find them on Instagram here: