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Creating A Desk Where You Actually Want To Work

Written by Lisa Jones


Posted on January 03 2023

Many of us have transitioned from commuting to the office to wearing our slippers to our home office. Desks can quickly become cluttered and uninspiring. Taking some time to reorganize and beautify your workspace will make your work hours more productive and enjoyable. 



Having a coffee or tea bar cart near your desk means you can keep your brew near and hot when you have an extra long sales call. It's roomy enough to keep your sugar, creamer, mugs and biscotti close at hand. 



Our trays and baskets aren’t just for serving food. They are great for organizing papers and the odds and ends that are a part of your work day. Use one of our crate sets to organize binders or books so they aren’t just stacked on your desk or floor. 

Finally, add some warmth to your area with framed photos and plants. The Love Collage Picture Frame is easy to fill with the favorite people, pets or places you adore. A little greenery brings the outdoors in. We have a wide selection of faux plants and cactus so watering is off your to-do-list. Now your desk is an inviting place to get things done.