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Crafting Memories

Written by Unified Districts


Posted on December 16 2020

Why do we work so hard at events?  What’s the big deal about birthdays and anniversaries?  Why do we spend so much money on a first birthday party when the kid won’t even remember it?  They are valid questions.  Especially when you consider that most events last one day and then once they are over, become a memory.  Well, we think that is exactly the answer.  When you create an event, you are crafting a memory.  



Our business has spent some time this last year writing down our driving principals and reason for being.  One of our key phrases is that “we exist to help you celebrate life’s most important moments”.  Because those moments are priceless.  They mark the years that pass.  They mark the family members who come into and then eventually leave our lives.  They create photo opportunities so that we can take those memories with us when our gatherings end, and we go back to our daily lives.  



When we were building, I constantly thought about my own children.  I have one who is going away to college this year, and I thank God for the photos of his first birthday, and his fifth birthday and the day he got his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I sometimes pull out the photos of him with his very first trumpet in junior high school.  And I really enjoy the photos of him with all his cousins and other family members.  Each of those photos was shot at an event.  Whether it be a birthday party, dying easter eggs together at a family dinner, or celebrating as a family when he got that black belt, we were together and we were celebrating.  We were crafting memories.   



This site is dedicated to helping you craft memories.  Some of the most important work we do as parents, partners and loved ones is creating events where we can craft memories together.  We hope you will find everything you need for your baptism, first communion, quinceanera, engagement party, wedding, baby shower, anniversary and yes, even those celebration of life moments when we lose a loved one.  We want to be there every step of the way to help you craft those memories.  And we thank you for choosing us as your source for events and crafts.