Charger Plates Make Setting the Table and the Theme Easy

Written by Lisa Jones


Posted on November 28 2022

The easiest way to set a beautiful table is to start with a festive charger plate. Charger plates tell your guests they are in for a treat. A charger plate goes on your table with or without a tablecloth. Starting with a charger plate is the foundation that adds a festive touch to any event. You can then add your plates in either complementary or contrasting styles and patterns. Check out one of our many chargers ready for a party.  

You can find chargers made from plastic, rattan and glass and in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Charger plates also hold decorative napkins or name cards with style. And, as a bonus, they catch crumbs, drips and spills before they ruin a beautiful table cloth. 
Chargers are more than decorative plate holders. They can highlight your table’s centerpiece. They are perfect to hold a cluster of candles  to cozy up your table. Or arrange a group of whatever your party theme is from little pumpkins or flowers to highlight your motif.

Charger plates have so many possible uses. From table settings to centerpieces. And they can be used again and again for any occasion. For example you can start with a basic gold charger and add a festive reindeer  for the holidays or birthday decor to change it up. Chargers make it easy to keep it casual or make it fancy in a snap.