Budget-Friendly Event Planning: DIY Decor Ideas For Table Centerpieces

Written by Samantha Owen


Posted on June 21 2023

The summer season is here and we can’t be more excited! This time of the year is always the most enjoyable for all of us fair weather people, not only do we get to enjoy the outdoors and activities but also the sweetness of summer. There is something special about this season that brings people together, a lot of people enjoy hosting parties, dinners, brunches, and so much more! 
If you are anything like us, we love to plan events for our friends and family. However, that also means we understand the cost of doing something like that and we know it can get expensive. There are some simple things you can do to cut a few corners and host your event on a budget! 
When it comes to lighting, that is one of the most essential parts of an event and sets the mood. Oftentimes the perfect lighting for your tablescape can be difficult to achieve on a budget and everything begins to add up one by one. However, by DIY-ing your tablescape lighting you can monitor the cost and start to save without sacrificing the look you are trying to achieve! 
We have put together a list of our budget friendly lighting for tablescapes or other at home events. Not only will they brighten up your event or dinner party, they will also bring a more elegant look to your home. Just remember, it’s ALL in the details.
Budget Friendly Lighting: