Backyard Party Planning Made Easy

Written by Lisa Jones


Posted on July 20 2023

Somehow everything tastes better outdoors and summer is the perfect time to throw a backyard party and embrace the good vibes. For many, the calendar fills up with travel plans so get your invites out early. Send out your invites at least a month in advance so you can get a rough head count. Then, choose your theme and decide what decorations, tables, chairs, and the like that you already have. We have every imaginable table cover from gingham table-cover-roll-red-gingham to sequins round-sequin-table-cover-120-inches-red to make your table pop. 
A couple of weeks before your party, plan your menu. You will find everything you need to prepare and present your culinary delights. Whether you have it catered or make it yourself, we have an array of bowls plastic-bowl-12-inch, platters, plates disposable-square-dinner-plate, cups, and utensils plastic-premium-cutlery-set-100-pcs-silver to enhance your theme. You will get fewer questions if you have card holders with the name of the dish so guests know what is on your table. 
About a week before your party make sure you have enough seating, plates, cups and utensils. Write out your card holders place-setting-stand-4-inch ahead of time and that is one less thing you’ll have to do. Go over your guest list and follow up with any ‘maybe’ responses. A few days before your event, clean and organize your yard and set up as many things as you can ahead of time. Shop for ingredients if you are cooking and grab an extra bag of ice. 
The day before your party, make sure your bathroom is clean. Prep anything you can food wise so there is less to do the next day. Chill any beverages you can. Our bar cart modern-bar-cart-gold is the perfect place to house drinks, mixers and ice and can be placed anywhere. On the day of your party, put platters, dishes, utensils, napkins and cups on the tables. Then prep or reheat your menu. Next, put your ice and beverages out. Our beverage tub galvanized-beverage-tub-6-gallon is just what you need to keep drinks chilled and at the ready. Finally, welcome your guests, summer is here!