A Beautiful Centerpiece Is Easier Than You Think

Written by Lisa Jones


Posted on January 12 2023

We know the thought of creating a centerpiece can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we have everything you need to design a simple or complex focal point for your event. You can do something as easy as a mirror topped with candles for an intimate vibe.
Or, for a more elegant feel, choose an ornate candle holder or candelabra in a wide variety of finishes, sizes, colors and styles. You can fill a vase or riser with some of our faux flowers for a beautiful piece that lasts forever. 
You can fill a fish bowl with almost anything from candy, to party favors to sparkly acrylic gems. Try putting our set of bird cages on a table or fill them with candles. Or fill a vase with a mix of our mini pinecones and twinkle lights for a festive holiday table.
We have lots of ready-to-go options to put on your table. But, you are only limited by your imagination. You can create your own unique centerpiece from almost any page of our catalog. Dig in and you’ll find something that makes your table the splendid highlight of your party.