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3 Fast & Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts

Written by Kaitlyn Rigling


Posted on November 20 2023

No one ever said that a turkey had to be the showcase of your Thanksgiving dinner! While we love the tasty dishes of a classic feast, we’re also big fans of the finale—AKA dessert!

Dessert is a fantastic opportunity to rise above the one-level pumpkin pie and create something beautiful instead. And one of the easiest ways to do that is with a tiered dessert stand! Not only does a tiered stand add a sense of elegance to any dessert, but it also gives you the opportunity to diversify your menu and offer a variety of seasonal treats.

Just remember to choose desserts that can easily be placed on and picked up from the stand. To reduce stress, we also recommend sweets that take minimal time and effort, especially if you’re choosing a different one for each tier.

Silver 3 Tiered Dessert Stand

But don’t worry; we have some great recommendations that check both boxes. Here are our top three deliciously easy treats to display on a tiered tray this Thanksgiving!


If you’re going to crave a bit of pumpkin, swap out the pie for this tasty mousse from Allrecipes. It only takes 10 minutes of your time, and you can make them a day before!

Caramel Apple Cookie Dough Bars

For the cookie fans in your fam, try out these delicious bars with a seasonal twist from The Belle Vie Blog. You can make them a few days before Thanksgiving as long as you cover and store them in the fridge.

Carmel Apple Cookie Dough Bars

And don’t forget the chocolate lovers! These fudgy brownies from Betty Crocker will please even the pickiest of eaters. Plus, they whip up in just 15 minutes of hands-on!

Chocolate Nutella Brownies

Bon appetit!