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3 Easy-Peasy Kids’ Crafts for Father’s Day

Written by Kaitlyn Rigling


Posted on June 11 2024

Looking for a unique way for your kids to shower their dad with love on Father’s Day? We’ve got just the thing! We’ve handpicked three sweet and simple crafts that are not only easy to make but also fun for Dad to use.

Our first pick is a Movie Night in a Jar—a sweet gift Dad can immediately enjoy with his kids!

Movie Night in a Jar


  1.     Take your kids to the store and let them pick out some of Dad’s favorite candies (box versions preferred for movie-theater vibes).
  2.     Pick out several microwave popcorn flavors, or stock up on plain and grab some popcorn seasonings.
  3.     Let your kids choose a new movie they want to watch with Dad.
  4.     Place all of the items into a large jar.
  5.     Replace the lid and tie a bow around the jar using ribbon.

Next, if Dad is a bit retro, he’ll love these upcycled record coasters from Craft Project Ideas!

Record Coasters

  •       Craft Foam
  •       Acrylic paint
  •       Paintbrush
  •       Pencil/Pen
  •       4 CDs
  •       Scissors
  •       Glue


  1.     Paint the top of the CD black.
  2.     Trace the CD onto the back of your foam. Draw a smaller circle inside.
  3.     Cut out both circles, making sure to keep them both intact.
  4.     Glue the large circle to the back of the CD (the unpainted side).
  5.     Glue the small circle to the front of the CD.
  6.     Repeat steps 1–5 to create a set of 4 coasters.
  7.     Decorate the top of each coaster with little messages for Dad!

Last but not least, why not give Dad a little bit of calm in this chaotic world with his very own mini zen garden? We love this kid-friendly tutorial from See Vanessa Craft.

Mini Zen Garden

  •       Small planter box or tray
  •       Sand
  •       1–2 Air plants
  •       Rocks
  •       Mini rake


  1.     Pour sand into your box or tray.
  2.     Add air plants and rocks, being careful not to cover too much of the surface area.
  3.     Use the rake to draw some circles or lines in the sand.

There you have it: three quick and easy crafts that Dad will actually be able to use! Try out one or all three with your kids this year, and make sure Dad knows he’s #1.